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Photo: satisfied campers with VB-FullAir 4C

VB-FullAir 4C | Hymer SL 704

The impression of two motorhome owners:
always close to home

A report from a satisfied customer

“When you arrive at a motorhome park, you’ll be settled in no time – at the touch of a button, in fact.”

Motorhome life: it’s something you either love or you don't. Fortunately, this couple couldn't be happier than when they are travelling on wheels. They used to be caravan aficionados, but moved on to a motorhome once the children had left home. The desire was always there: “I'd love to own a motorhome.” When the opportunity arose, they seized it with both hands. 

VB-FullAir 4C | Hymer SL 704

After many years and four different motorhomes, this couple is now on their fifth model: a Hymer SL 704 motorhome (semi-integrated) with our VB-FullAir 4C system. As they admit themselves: this motorhome is a little larger than originally planned for. They even had to obtain their C1 licence to be able to drive it. A full air suspension system for a motorhome? Yes, please. As well as wanting to have the auto-level function available at all times, they have been much more comfortable since purchasing and installing the complete air suspension system.

Jacks or air suspension? Time to weigh up the pros and cons...

Of course, a full air suspension system is an investment that requires some thought. Still, after seeing how easy it was for some of their fellow motorhome owners to level their vehicles at motorhome parks, they started weighing up the pros and cons. And after having spent so long fiddling around with blocks at motorhome sites, they set out to investigate the alternative. Going on holiday should be carefree – both on the road and at the destination. Having to deal with the hassle of a motorhome not being level is the opposite of that.

VB-FullAir 4C Remote | Hymer SL 704

Purchasing jacks was the first option they looked at, but upon further research they found that air suspension was also a solution. Air suspension appealed more to them not only because of the ease of levelling the vehicle at a park, but also because the system would make a major difference in terms of comfort and overall driving experience. Due to the many attractive features, they were fine with the price difference – and it is something they have not regretted once since.

The auto-level function

“When you arrive at a motorhome park, you’ll be settled in no time – at the touch of a button, in fact.” The auto-level function is probably one of the features they are most excited about. One thing they wanted was for the refrigerator door to no longer fall open or close by itself, and that there would be no hassle if they wanted to leave the motorhome park quickly. "Now it's perfect! You walk through the motorhome and feel like everything is straight and level. When we used blocks, we could never make the motorhome feel completely level. The opposite is true now. It’s just like home. There's no noise to disturb us when we use this function, either – we can be walking through the motorhome and it will be nice and level before we even realise it. It's wonderful."

VB-FullAir 4C | Autolevel

VB-Airsuspension is here to explain:

"An additional option for our VB-FullAir 4C systems is VB-AutoLevel. Our VB-AutoLevel module allows the vehicle to be positioned horizontally, even when the vehicle is on uneven ground. It includes a digital levelling function that allows the vehicle to be quickly and smoothly levelled at the touch of a button. It can correct unevenness of 10+ cm (depending on the type of vehicle)."

"We set off and when we look behind us we see our house. We’re always close to home!"

Greater convenience and comfort

VB-FullAir 4C | Hymer SL 704 | Front strut

For the couple, driving now feels much smoother. "Thanks to air suspension, driving is now much more enjoyable: we even feel there is less noise coming from the tyres and when taking corners. Bumps and ridges in the road that you would normally clearly feel are now greatly reduced. There is a major difference between how it was before and how it is now." This is a system that is quick to get used to, because after occasionally driving a different but similar motorhome – without air suspension – they realised: “Oh, that’s how it used to we’re getting the most out of our own system.”

It is important for the couple to touch on the parking function when sharing their experience, as it allows them to park much more neatly. Many motorhome owners have to use a stool to actually climb into their motorhome if, for example, they rely on adjustable legs. Thanks to the parking function, the couple can lower the motorhome, making the pull-out system for the bicycles much more accessible. "We no longer need to lift our e-bikes (which are quite heavy – approx. 25 kg) onto the rails. That's a big advantage over using adjustable feet."

VB-FullAir 4C | Hymer SL 704

Poor roads abroad: no problem

The couple wasn't put off by warnings from others about poor roads abroad, difficult driving conditions or having to deal with a shaking motorhome. They have since spent time in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They wanted to experience it for themselves – with the VB-FullAir 4C system. "What were those people worrying about?" - this was a question the duo had when their trips were over. "We never had any problems. You can naturally see there is a difference in the roads, but we handled it easily. This is thanks to air suspension, so we’re very satisfied!"

Water discharge function

Need to discharge dirty water? Here's another benefit! “Another touch of the button and the motorhome will stand at an angle” The water discharge function tilts the vehicle to the side, allowing the wastewater tank to be fully emptied without having to spend ages doing it. "The water is discharged quickly, which is a huge advantage. You can empty it quickly and easily."

VB-FullAir 4C | Ferry

When you need to take the ferry...

...use the ferry function! Travelling to Norway most likely means getting on a ferry. The full air suspension system makes this a breeze. “There are those odd ramps you have to navigate. The last time we used this function, we raised the motorhome a little to make it easier to drive onto the ferry.”

VB-Airsuspension is here to explain:

"Many motorists are familiar with having to navigate a gradient that is too high, meaning they have to exercise caution. Driving onto a ferry is at least as risky for a vehicle like this one.

When doing so, there is often an unusually steep incline to deal with. This gradient is not something that is easy to navigate for most motorhomes. The long overhang behind the rear axle of the motorhome can cause problems for many vehicles.

When driving onto a ferry, the rear of the vehicle often becomes damaged. With a full air suspension system, this is no longer an issue when using the 'ferry function'. The vehicle is able to drive onto the ferry at the touch of a button. This means the front of the vehicle is lowered and the rear is raised. By “raising” the rear, it gains more ground clearance. This significantly minimises the risk of the rear end hitting the road."

See the benefits of a motorhome with the VB-FullAir 4C system in our animated video.

VB-Partner: GS Autotaaltechniek

Our VB-Partner

GS Autotaaltechniek in Schijndel: the VB-Partner who did the installation for the couple. They were won over by the company's strong references. "The reviews were incredibly good. We received excellent support. They were so quick to respond and so skilled that we thought, yes, we have to go there. We’re sorry they are not closer to where we live; otherwise, we would have them take care of all our servicing."

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