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Meet our employees

What's it like working at VB-Airsuspension? Of course, our own employees can provide the best answers to this! 

VB-Airsuspension has grown enormously in recent years, which means we now have more than 180 colleagues in the Netherlands – we have more than 40 colleagues worldwide, too!

Our employees know better than anyone what it is like to work in our organisation. Each with their own background, area of expertise, knowledge and function, they work passionately day in, day out to achieve our mission: 'the next level in vehicle dynamics'. We have the important task of providing a good organisation for them, profiling ourselves as a pleasant employer and ensuring a pleasant working atmosphere for everyone. 


We were happy to let our employees speak to share their findings with you. Read different personal experiences below – who knows, maybe they'll be your colleagues in the future, too!

Piet van Dooren

Piet van Dooren

12 June 2024 marked twelve and a half years since our colleague Piet van Dooren (Application Administrator) joined the company! This is a special moment you can be sure we weren't going to let pass by unnoticed. He has been a familiar face in our Information Technology department for a good number of years now, a role that has given him a great deal of satisfaction throughout that time.

Wanting to know more, we took Piet to one side for a quick chat: “What has made working at VB-Airsuspension so enjoyable for the past 12.5 years?” Piet doesn't need long too think about it. He responds enthusiastically: "In essence, I would say I never begrudge going to work – VBA has always given me space to fulfil my role in the manner I think best. Piet's path to joining VB-Airsuspension was not the usual one.

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Martijn te Winkel

Martijn te Winkel

1 May 2024 marked twelve and a half years since our colleague Martijn te Winkel joined the company! We love to hear about our colleagues' personal career journeys, so we took the opportunity to ask Martijn why he has chosen to remain at VB-Airsuspension for 12.5 years ... and counting. He told us:

"Twelve and a half years: Well! I applied to VBA for a position working in Aftersales & Service back in 2011 – on the suggestion of my wife, who also worked for VB-Airsuspension. I've never looked back since then! 

Around six or seven years ago, I moved from the Aftersales department to the Project Management department. I started as a Project Leader Assistant, and have now been a Project Leader for a few years." 

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Photo: Anniversary Mick Jansen

Mick Jansen

1 March 2024 marked twelve and a half years since our colleague Mick Jansen joined the company. It was a great reason to celebrate, and we took the opportunity to ask Mick why he has chosen to remain at VB-Airsuspension for all this time. He told us:

"I actually joined the company as a student, and never left! So, in reality I’ve been with VB-Airsuspension for a bit longer than 12 and a half years... Over this time, I have witnessed and been part of the change and growth happening VBA, which has been a great privilege. The working atmosphere is very positive, and I am challenged and given a great deal of freedom in my work, all of which are huge pluses. Not only that, but it's great to be working on the development of such fantastic products!" 

Photo: Anniversary Mark van Buuren


9 January 2024 marks twelve and a half years since our colleague Mark van Buuren joined the company. It was a great reason to celebrate, so we took the opportunity to ask Mark why he has chosen to remain at VB for all this time. He told us:

"In fact, I've worked for VB-Airsuspension for a bit more than twelve and a half years: I did my final placement with VBA as part of my Automotive Engineering course at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This adventure (genuinely, since I had to move there from the other side of the Netherlands) was so beneficial for both sides that I ended up joining VB-Airsuspension – twelve and a half years ago."

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Photo: Anniversary Julien van Cleemput


On 16 August 2021, our colleague Julién van Cleemput had worked in our organisation for twelve and a half years. It was a great reason to celebrate, and we took the opportunity to ask Mark why he has chosen to remain at VB for all this time. He told us: 

"Twelve and a half years? In fact.... it's actually a bit longer than that.... 

I am currently the Area Sales Manager for Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy, among other areas. The 'VB-Italie' subsidiary was set up at the start of this year, which means I can now turn my attention to Spain and Portugal. It has been more than twelve and a half years now, but each day is just as challenging and varied as the last, and I continue to enjoy working at VB-Airsuspension and all this entails."

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“It’s all about people!”

To continue to develop as an organisation, it is important to find the right employees in the right places. What's more, retaining the right employees in the right places is equally important. These are two major challenges that are faced by every organisation. This naturally requires the necessary care and attention. Of course, we also see the developments in the labour market and that it offers numerous opportunities for different positions. 

It is no longer a matter of course that people continue to work for the same employer for long periods of time. As an organisation, we therefore believe it is extremely important to maintain continuous commitment, connection and optimum cooperation with our employees. It is fair to say that we are doing a reasonable job of this. Over the years, we have had the privilege to celebrate several anniversaries together in the workplace. This is great confirmation of the job satisfaction and enjoyment within our organisation. It's something we are really proud of!


Piet van Dooren

12-06-2024 | 12.5 years

Martijn te Winkel

01-05-2024 | 12.5 years

Mick Jansen

01-03-2024 | 12.5 years

Mark van Buuren

01-01-2024 | 12.5 years

Mareen van Werven - Bruil

14-08-2023 | 12.5 years

Wouter Slendebroek

31-07-2023 | 12.5 years

Ritha Umbas - Koampa

24-07-2023 | 12.5 years

Elles Gerritsen - Tuininga

10-07-2023 | 12.5 years

Ronny Gerritsen

07-10-2022 | 12.5 years

Julién van Cleemput

16-08-2021 | 12.5 years

Agnes te Brake

17-05-2021 | 12.5 years

Jeroen Kouwenberg

01-03-2021 | 12.5 years

Anita Jansen - Kloosterboer

05-11-2020 | 12.5 years

Michael Brilman

01-07-2019 | 12.5 years

Johan Zilvold

13-12-2017 | 12.5 years

Jan-Willem Lindeman

01-11-2017 | 12.5 years

Sander Dusseldorp

27-03-2017 | 12.5 years

Jeroen Heusinkveld

09-02-2017 | 12.5 years

Eric Beumer

19-09-2016 | 12.5 years

Maarten Roelofs

28-10-2015 | 12,5 years

Aard Tuenter

22-11-2012 | 12.5 years