01 / 20 / 2017

VB-Airsuspension wins European Innovation Award with VB-ActiveAir Side


14 Jan - 22 Jan


10 May - 12 May  RETTmobil



VB-Airsuspension has won the 2017 European Innovation Award, in the category ‘Safety’ for its newest product VB-ActiveAir. VB-ActiveAir is an intelligent suspension and shock absorber system for light commercial vehicles (including motorhomes), in which the suspension elements are linked together and adjust to the condition of the road surface, driving style and the vehicle load, in real time. The system provides increased comfort, and above all more safety. During a braking manoeuvre the braking distance is even reduced by up to 15%.

The European Innovation Awards encourage and reward innovative products for the camping industry. The award ceremony took place on Sunday January 15th at the leading CMT fair in Stuttgart. The jury, consisting of journalists from 16 European camping magazines, evaluated the entries and selected the award winners. VB-Airsuspension distinguished itself and won this year’s first place in the Safety category with its newest product, VB-ActiveAir.

Martin Fabisch (Managing Director VB-Airsuspension Deutschland GmbH) and Martin Vogt (Reisemobil International)

VB-ActiveAir was added to the product range of VB-Airsuspension at the end of 2016. With
VB-ActiveAir, VB-Airsuspension has a unique suspension and damping system where both suspension elements are linked together. The system responds to unevenness in the road surface, cross winds, bends and braking manoeuvres in milliseconds. During a braking manoeuvre the braking distance is even reduced by up to 15%. Motorhomes are not necessarily built to negotiate windy routes, making the smooth and secure way a motorhome can negotiate a slalom track even more impressive when VB-ActiveAir is installed. ”We have always known that our products contribute to superior driving comfort but safety is also one of our top priorities. The fact that this has now been rewarded with an award means a lot to us and is a wonderful recognition”, says Iginio Voorhorst, CEO VB-Airsuspension.

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