02 / 29 / 2016

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Foreword from the Director

We are nearly two months into 2016 and there is already plenty to report from the start of this year. Having closed 2015 on a very positive note, our full focus has now turned to the year ahead and our aim of giving the VB Group a broader base. 
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News summary

New air suspension kits for Volkswagen, Ford and Mercedes-Benz

VB-Airsuspension places a great deal of emphasis on the (ongoing) development of suspension systems, so we are delighted and proud to be presenting a number of new products at this time. 
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Air suspension travels the world

VB-Airsuspension products are increasingly finding their way beyond the borders of Europe. From our small beginnings in the Netherlands back in 1993, our market now extends to some of the far-flung corners of the world
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VB-Airsuspension adopts giraffe in South Africa

As part of our efforts to develop and move VB-Airsuspension forward, we frequently visit different countries around the world. So it was that CEO Iginio Voorhorst and General Manager Gerald Molenveld found themselves on a visit to South Africa at the beginning of February
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VB-Airsuspension products are 100% Dakar proof

The Dakar rally has been recognised as the toughest rally for man and machine for many years.  As the event attracts a great deal of media attention, the rally is an excellent way for a company to raise its profile
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Gerald Molenveld

VB-Airsuspension has grown over recent years and we aim to see this growth continue in the years ahead. Further growth brings with it a need for further improvement in the structures. 
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Technical advice

motorhome suspension

We are already two months into 2016 and you are probably in the midst of making your holiday plans for this year and will soon be getting your beloved “holiday home on wheels” out of storage. 
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