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Suspension-Portal Terms and Conditions

Suspension-Portal Terms and Conditions

Account terms:

  1. You need to fill in your personal information during the registration process.
  2. Your login details are strictly personal and may not be shared with others.
  3. You are at all times responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and/or password.
  4. You are responsible for all activities and content that is placed under your account ( also for users created under your account ).
  5. It is not permitted to use the Suspension Portal of VB-Airsuspension B.V. for any illegal purposes. You must not violate Dutch law.
  6. VB-Airsuspension B.V. reserves the right to close an account (either permanently or temporarily) and to deny access to the Suspension Portal if the User, by using his account and the Suspension Portal, violates these Terms and Conditions, any VB-Airsuspension B.V. interests, the law, and/or generally accepted ethical/moral behavior.
  7. VB-Airsuspension B.V. reserves the right to refuse to register an account , without giving a reason for the refusal. This would be communicated as soon as possible.
  8. It is not permitted to spread computer viruses, send or upload other harmful files or documents that could damage computerized data or networks, disable, delete or damage files or documents on the Suspension Portal.
  9. You need to replace your password every six months

Declaration of confidentiality:

  1. The Suspension Portal user guarantees that s/he will take measures with the aim of ensuring confidentiality against third parties concerning all confidential information such as, but not restricted to, data and knowledge regarding the company circumstances of VB-Airsuspension B.V., of which the Suspension Portal user and his/her employees and other third parties commissioned by him/her come to know in performing work activities for VB-Airsuspension B.V., or in the conclusion of an agreement with VB-Airsuspension B.V.
  2. The Suspension Portal user guarantees that s/he and his/her employees and other third parties commissioned by him/her will not, in any way whatsoever, neither directly nor indirectly, nor orally, nor in writing, nor otherwise, make known to third parties any bit of information concerning, or resulting from its actual relations with VB-Airsuspension B.V., without prior written consent from VB-Airsuspension B.V.
  3. Suspension Portal user will refrain from exploiting specific product knowledge concerning VB-Airsuspension B.V. which has been obtained by him/her within the framework of the execution of (engineering) work activities. The specific product knowledge will also be kept confidential by the Suspension Portal user after his relation with VB-Airsuspension B.V. and will not be used in any manner other than that prescribed by VB-Airsuspension B.V.
  4. The provisions in the above paragraphs of this declaration do not apply to facts, information, knowledge, documents and other matters if the Visitor can show that the data in question:

a.Had already been published at the moment of receipt or had, in another manner, already become generally known;
b. were published after being received or had already become generally known in any other way, other than by any action or any negligence of the Suspension Portal user;
c. were developed by the Suspension Portal user independently of any relation to VB-Airsuspension B.V.;
d. were made public after explicit authorisation from VB-Airsuspension B.V.;
e. should have been made public on the basis of the law or by order of a legal agency.

  1. All designs, stored as graphic and alphanumeric data, drawings, models, notes and such-like, recorded on all possible media, as well as copies of these, which are obtained or made by the Visitor over the duration of the work activities or or on behalf of VB-Airsuspension B.V., are the property of VB-Airsuspension B.V.
  2. After the relation with VB-Airsuspension B.V. or on an agreement between VB-Airsuspension B.V. and the Suspension Portal user, the Suspension Portal user will immediately return the information and records to VB-Airsuspension B.V. which s/he has received or produced during the work activities or over the duration of the agreement, without retaining duplicates/transcripts of them.

  3. In the event that an invention is made by the Suspension Portal user, which can be considered a consequence of, or resulting from, work activities for or on behalf of VB-Airsuspension B.V., VB-Airsuspension B.V. is entitled to a claim on the invention. The Suspension Portal user is obliged to inform VB-Airsuspension B.V. immediately of such an invention, and to grant all cooperation that VB-Airsuspension B.V. desires for application and/or the patents of that invention.

  4. The Suspension portal user is obliged to impose the obligations from this declaration on his/her employees and other third parties commissioned by him/her.

  5.  In the event of a violation of one or more provisions of this declaration, the VB-Airsuspension user forfeits to VB-Airsuspension B.V. a fine, payable immediately, of 100,000.00 EUROS (in words: one hundred thousand Euros) for each offence. With such a fine being due, VB-Airsuspension B.V. reserves the right to claim additional supplementary damages.

End note:

  1. On this terms also the General terms and conditions of delivery and payment of VB-Airsuspension B.V. apply
  2. VB-Airsuspension B.V. reserves the right to make changes without prior notification.

These conditions are also available in PDF format.

Victor Benno