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Stepped down of Eric Bruil

Stepped down of Eric Bruil

As we indicated in the last newsletter, this is a time of change for us. But, as you already know, change is not something we are afraid of.
One very important development, however, is Eric Bruil's decision to step down as shareholder and director of VB effective as of 1 July this year.
Eric Bruil has been coping with health problems for some time now, and has gradually found it harder over recent years to contend with the rapid pace of change at VB.
After much discussion and reaching a mutually agreeable settlement, we decided to go our separate ways in terms of the business. But I'm glad to say Eric and I remain firm friends with or without our business connection.
So, this is the start of a new era: VB will now have to carry on without the B, but that is going to be good too!
We - that is the employees and I - have every confidence in the future of the company and will put our all into achieving our aims.
The trade fair season is once more upon us. In fact I worked out that in a period 83 consecutive days, 50 of those are trade fair days at 12 fairs around the world.
“Isn't that taking it a bit far?”, I hear you thinking. Well, you're quite right. But, the thing is I always say there's nothing sexy about a product like air suspension. What I mean is that in our job you're working under vehicles, so we're not exactly high profile! After all, it's dark down there and, once the vehicle's done one trip, dirty as well. So, definitely not sexy!
Trade fairs are a fantastic opportunity to make ourselves “visible” and to meet customers and particularly the end users. This is our chance to pick up ideas for new developments. Trade fairs are the only real opportunity we have to meet the end user. This is particularly valuable as we no longer sell directly to end users and have not done so for some time: everything passes through our partners, dealers and fitting stations instead.
Unfortunately, my additional workload means I will not be there for all of the trade fair days, and I hope this is something you will understand. However, I can assure you that my colleagues will be able to provide you with advice and information just as well as I could. In any event, I will certainly be popping up here and there at the different fairs, as we have a great deal of news to share.

Victor Benno