VB Airsuspension


VB-LevelAir – VB-SemiAir basic system including automatic level control

VB-LevelAir is a VB-SemiAir basic system with automatic level control.
With the VB-LevelAir system the height is adjusted automatically, as is the minimum and maximum pressure in the bellows, so that the vehicle is always at the right height and the bellows are always at the correct pressure.


VB-SemiAir basic system + automatic level control = VB-LevelAir


The VB-LevelAir system is made up of the VB-SemiAir basic system including a high quality compressor box with air filter, air dryer, valve block, height sensor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU – Air Suspension Control Unit).

 Benefits of VB-LevelAir:

  • Automatic level control
  • Improved vehicle behaviour for all load conditions
  • Automatic level control means no further action is required on the part of the driver
  • Higher ride height and increased spring travel
  • Improved stability
  • 'Plug-and-play' system allows for quick installation
  • The body, equipment and load remain protected against damage
  • Heavy loads are no longer noticeable from the outside
  • Less strain on the shock absorbers


The VB-LevelAir system is a good option for vehicles that carry variable loads. The VB-LevelAir system ensures the vehicle is at the right height and that the system is at the right pressure whenever the load is changed.

The automatic level control removes the need for the driver to do anything if the vehicle load changes. This is beneficial particularly if the vehicle has several different drivers.

Victor Benno