VB Airsuspension


A helper spring or replacement spring is used on vehicles that already have coil spring suspension. Helper springs are fitted on vehicles with leaf suspension. These reinforced springs will largely ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride height, which increases the spring travel and hence improves stability and, to some extent, comfort levels.

Replacement spring
As the name suggests, the original coil spring is removed and replaced by the replacement spring, i.e. by a reinforced spring.

Helper spring
The original leaf or coil spring is retained when a helper spring is fitted. The helper spring is installed alongside the original. Installing the helper spring reinforces the original suspension.

Benefits of VB-CoilSpring:

  • Supplied as a complete installation kit
  • Less sagging
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased stability
  • Stronger suspension
  • Less crosswind sensitivity

VB-CoilSprings are a good option for vehicles that are always heavily laden and that do not carry variable loads. This is because the reinforcement to the spring force is permanent and cannot be adjusted.


Victor Benno