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Volkswagen Amarok

During the Dakar 2013 VB-Airsuspension's blue Volkswagen Amarok will serve as the press vehicle for the
Dakar Press Team (DPT).
The DPT has proven itself over the years and is now a permanent fixture at the world's biggest and toughest rally. The Dakar 2013 will be the 10th time that the DPT has covered the race.
With its professional team, the Dakar Press Team has been providing photography and editing services for numerous participants in the Dakar, for sponsors and for its partners in the media since 2004.
As one of the few press teams, the Dakar Press Team is present at the rally every day, from the start right through to the finish, and has the task of producing the most beautiful and spectacular images.


To make sure that everything stays on track, the Dakar Press Team obviously needs a suitable vehicle that enables it to keep up with the Dakar convoy. As the press team carries a great deal of valuable equipment on board (such as video cameras and processing equipment), it is important to ensure this is well protected against vibrations and jolts. It is also important for the drivers and co-drivers to be comfortable in the vehicle during the race. After all, only rested eyes spot the beautiful scenes and allow these to be captured on camera.

As a number of truck teams are participating with air suspension provided by VB-Airsuspension, it is naturally very important for the company from Varsseveld that the action is followed closely and that all activities are reported on well with the help of attractive photos and videos.
In addition, director Iginio Voorhorst wants to create a link between trucks and light commercial vehicles (LCVs). In the Dakar, the LCV market, in which VB-Airsuspension is primarily active, applies in particular to the service vehicles that travel from bivouac to bivouac. These vehicles do not compete in the race itself. However, as the DPT does drive on the course, its vehicles are involved in the fiendishly difficult race to a large extent, making this a serious test for our products.
One of the vehicles from VB-Airsuspension's LCV range is the Volkswagen Amarok. The decision was therefore quickly made.
Rapid development of a new VB-FullAir-2C:
VB-Airsuspension's product range already included a semi air suspension product, the VB-SemiAir, but Iginio Voorhorst wanted to go for a top product from VBA's range. “If we are taking part, we will do so with our top product, the VB-FullAir-2C, a full rear-axle air suspension system.”
We did not have a system up to that point for a Volkswagen Amarok, so a completely new system had to be developed in record time. The result is impressive. The tests have gone well and now the DPT can perform the most difficult test conceivable for us: the Dakar!
Limited edition:
VB-Airsuspension has developed a “special edition” specifically for the Dakar, which will be made available as a limited edition if the results are good. Follow the developments at www.vbairsuspension.com.
For an overview of all modifications and technical specifications follow the link

Follow the Dakar Press Team at www.dakarpress.nl,www.passion4wheels.nl and www.dakarmagazine.nl


Victor Benno