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I came, I saw, I conquered - these famous words were written by Julius Caesar to a friend many centuries ago after making a conquest in northern Turkey.

This historic statement is composed of three verbs: to come, to see and to conquer.
We could also use these famous words as a caption for Rally Team Smink's participation in the Dakar. The first year the team took part (2011), it came onto the scene, felt its way into the race and came home in 27th place. In its second year (2012) the emerging talent looked at the top teams, attempted to go shoulder to shoulder with them and ended in 15th place. If we follow the logic and apply the words of Julius Caesar to Rally Team Smink, a conquest would be on the cards for their third attempt in 2013.
Is conquest in the Dakar a real possibility? Well, maybe not ... The Dakar is the world's toughest rally in which the crème de la crème of truck teams compete. Teams that progress from rally to rally throughout the year and enjoy the support of major manufacturers. When these rally drivers are not behind the wheel, they devote themselves full-time to keeping fit. They do not have to contend with the day-to-day troubles that come with running their own company.
For the members of Rally Team Smink it's a different story. Nevertheless, Jos and the two Peters are heading into battle for the third time in excellent spirits and tip-top condition, but a conquest...?
The Elephant 3 has undergone various modifications to make it easier to drive at a constant stable speed. In particular, the improved air suspension, the lighter rear compartment and the vertical position of the steering wheel are key elements.
The rest of the world's top teams will have to sit up and take notice of the trio from Hoogland who, at the beginning of this year, secured 15th place.
The support and appreciation of our sponsors Smink, Eurol and Zandink, who have always remained loyal to us, is a huge motivation. Their sponsorship means much more than just a name on the bright red Ginaf. Alongside a business relationship, we enjoy a warm relationship with them based on friendship.
At the beginning of the Dakar adventure, Jos set himself the goal of taking part over a period of three years: one year 'to come', one year 'to see' and now 2013 'to conquer' …
VB-Airsuspension has modified the air suspension especially for Rally Team Smink so that their Dakar truck will be even more comfortable, even more stable and can be handled even more safely.
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Victor Benno