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Le Dakar 2013

Why VB-Airsuspension and the Dakar?

The main aim of our participation in the Dakar is to make the VB-Airsuspension brand “visible”.
“VB-Airsuspension manufactures products that are mostly found underneath vehicles, which are functional and certainly not sexy,” as Iginio Voorhorst is fond of saying. VB-Airsuspension is also keen to show that it is up for a challenge and supplies top-quality products that are able to withstand any test.

The Marketing department saw the Dakar as the perfect opportunity to raise the profile of the brand, while at the same time making a positive contribution to the image of VB-Airsuspension.
It goes without saying that only vehicles equipped with the best products will reach the finish line of the world's toughest rally. So, this is an ideal opportunity to show the world that VB-Airsuspension is a top company with top employees and top products.

Several teams will be driving with air suspension systems from VB-Airsuspension at Dakar 2014. Suspension is not a high-visibility vehicle component, so we have had to find other ways to push ourselves into the spotlight during the Dakar.

The passion for the Dakar rally is an enduring one for VB-Airsuspension and, as a result, the company decided to act as sponsors for the following rally teams this year: Mammoet Rallysport, Ginaf Rally Power, Ginaf Rally Service, Team Henk Knuiman, Maxxis Dakar Team and the Dakar Press Team.The VB-Airsuspension logo will appear on all these trucks.

So, keep an eye out for the Mammoet Rallysport, Ginaf Rally Power and the above teams at Le Dakar 2014, as well as the VB-Airsuspension logo!
How is VB-Airsuspension raising its profile at the Dakar?
This is something that VB-Airsuspension cannot do on its own, of course. That is why this year the company has entered into a partnership with the Dakar Press Team. The Dakar Press Team has proven itself over the years and is now a permanent fixture at the world's biggest and toughest rally. With its professional team, the Dakar Press Team has been providing photography and editing services for numerous participants in the Dakar and for its partners in the media since 2004.

This year VB-Airsuspension is sponsoring the Dakar Press Team with a brand-new Volkswagen Amarok that has been prepared especially for the Dakar. It hardly needs to be said that it is fitted a full air suspension system (VB-FullAir 2C) from VB-Airsuspension that has been specially developed for Dakar 2013.

VB-Airsuspension has also fitted out the Dakar Press Team's Toyota Land Cruiser with an enhanced VB-FullAir 4C system.
This ensures that the members of the Dakar Press Team can accompany the Dakar convoy while enjoying a safe, comfortable and stable ride.

The Dakar Press Team will make sure that VB-Airsuspension gets seen as often as possible during Dakar 2013, through attractive photos and spectacular image material.


Victor Benno