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Sidecarcross Team Bruil

Zijspanteam Bruil

Sidecarcross Team-Bruil
The sidecarcross team-Bruil contains two teams:

-Mareen Bruil & Buunk Mark Steenbergen
-Irma Bruil & Silke Bruil



Eric Bruil, VB-Airsuspension operations director, is a team member and (co) founder of the
Sidecarcross team-Bruil. The team trains regularly across the local tracks in Holland.

International activities
In addition to participating in competitions within Holland, the team also regularly participates in competitions in Europe such as Germany, France and Belgium.

Mareen Bruil: first female competitor in GP Sidecarcross

During the 2009 Sidecarcross Grand Prix in Varsseveld Holland, Team Bruil was given the opportunity to qualify for the main race. Mareen Bruil susbsequently became the first first female competitor in GP Sidecarcross.

For current news and a calendar for the coming year, view the website of Sidecar Team-Bruil.


Victor Benno