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Enthusiastic people work at VB-Airsuspension, real characters with passion in their job. But our passion is much wider than only air suspension only. In a few projects we are able to combine our passion for our products with sports, besides that we are able to put our technical knowledge in a competition.

VB-Airsuspension is supporting a number of teams at Dakar 2013.

Several teams will be driving with air suspension systems from VB-Airsuspension at Dakar 2013. Since suspension is not a high-visibility vehicle component, VB-Airsuspension had to find creative ways to get noticed at Le Dakar.

The passion for the Dakar rally is an enduring one for VB-Airsuspension In 2009 director Iginio Voorhorst took part in the rally himself and that is why the company decided to sponsor the following rally teams this year: Mammoet Rallysport with driver Martin van den Brink, Rally Team Smink with driver Jos Smink, ItalTrans with driver Claudio Bellina and Racing for Holland with driver Jan Lammers.

Click on the following link to find out more about VB-Airsuspension's adventure at Dakar 2013.
Le Dakar
2009 Argentina was the home base of world’s toughest dessert rally. The most heavy circumstances were a real test for man and machine. Under the flag of VB-RallyRacing a team of VB-Airsuspension took part in this Dakar rally and used the same time the possibility to test VB’s electronical components.
Sidecarteam Bruil
Motocross and VB-Airsuspension are indissoluble connected with each other. This is not only where the roots of Bruil and Voorhorst are, but is even the terrain where a hard competition is for the highest achievable. The knowledge of suspension and shockabsorbers find their way in practice.
Volkswagen Transporter TH2RS
Where else could you try the speed depended level control for light commercial as at the high speed oval in Nardo Italy? VB-Airsuspension did their test and broke immediately the world record for “fastest van in the world”.
Victor Benno