VB Airsuspension
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Innovation is our passion, it keeps us attentive since the year 1993 and results into beautiful products and services.

Thinking in a way of finding solutions by VB-Airsuspension did take us to the point where we are now; leading when it comes to development of springs, shock absorbers and wheel suspension.
Innovations to come in the Future
The world of (light) commercial vehicles is always changing. New models and types of models are following up in high speed. Especially when it comes to commercial vehicles, the innovation standard is on a high level. Customers with high expectations, high demanding legislation, the vision when it comes to innovation and the struggle of always increasing weight of vehicles are the initiators in this matter. Our future innovations can be found here.

Being OEM supplying company, VB-Airsuspension is involved, in early stage, in this kind of development and contributes actively in developing new types of light commercial vehicles.

Because of the close cooperation of VB-Airsuspension and vehicle manufacturers there is interaction between these two parties; VB-Airsuspension keeps informed in new aspects in the market of commercial vehicles, the way of thinking and demanded components. On the other side the manufacturers can rely to the expertise of VB-Airsuspension when it comes to suspension.

Victor Benno