VB Airsuspension
Iveco Daily "Generation 2"

Iveco Daily "Generation 2"

Iveco Daily “Generation 2” - unique improvement to the comfort of “4-corner” air suspension for the Iveco Daily

This was still being discussed behind the scenes last year, but has gone into production this year:
VB-Airsuspension has developed a unique comfort improvement specifically for motorhomes at the top end of the market. Many premium motorhomes are based on the Iveco Daily platform, and it is for this platform that VB-Airsuspension has now enhanced the 4-corner air suspension system. The system is already one of the most comfortable air suspension systems in its class, but the engineers at VB-Airsuspension believed there was still room for improvement. They have succeeded in making the system even more comfortable, without any loss of stability, and have introduced even greater safety: the bar has been raised once again. We are curious to see how long it will take the competition to catch up.
The latest simulation software, innovation and 19 years of experience with electronic controls for air suspension
systems all went into making this development a success.

40% faster raising and lowering
- 15% more comfort
- 12% more stability
- 5% less weight

Victor Benno