VB Airsuspension

Service vehicles

Service vehicles

Your mobile workshop on wheels, constant and manageable.

Service vehicles are actually traveling workshops. Besides a range of specialist equipment, the vehicle sufficient space to work. To the best customer service to there is sufficient stock on board.

Air from "tilting"

An asymmetric loading of a service vehicle, may lead to "tilting" of the vehicle. Especially in case of heavy items such as countertops, glass, stone or even a bench, the load that the vehicle leans to one side optically. This "tilting" ensures not only that the rider must constantly adjust while driving (something that can be tiring), also contributes to an unsafe situation during braking. An unexpected emergency can lead to a final stop.
VB Airsuspension recommends for such use of the vehicle or at least help air full air assembly. The 2-chamber system ensures that the vehicle will automatically be adjusted horizontally, then the safety of the vehicle is increased.


This products we recommend for your Servicevehicle

Mark* Rear axle Front axle Front- and Rear axle
1. VB-Coilspring    
2.     VB-FullAir

*( 1= highly recommended , 3= least recommended )

Victor Benno