VB Airsuspension

Car Transport

Car Transport


Loading and unloading become child’s play concerning a car transporter prepared with full air suspension.

Kneel down application optimally used
present-day cars are long and designed with a low front, these features increase the pedestrian’s safety, for distributers of the vehicles these characteristics create extra challenge when it comes to loading and unloading these vehicles. By using the VB-FullAir 2-Corner air suspension the loading platform can be lowered on the backside. In this position the run up angle of the driving plates is less, which decreases the chance of damage to the bumpers of the vehicle loaded to the car transporter.

Stability on the Road
When loaded the car transporter can get on its way. The high position of the center of gravity of the shipment, the high weight and cross wind will not bring up problems when the vehicle is prepared with air suspension on the rear axle. Due to the air suspension the vehicle and steering will maintain stable. The safety will increase if the vehicle is prepared with air suspension.

Mark* Rear axle Front axle Front- an Rear axle
1. VB-FullAir VB-Coilspring  
2. VB-SemiAir    

*( 1= highly recommended , 3= least recommended)

Victor Benno