VB Airsuspension

Animal Transport

Animal Transport

Maximum comfort for your valuable possession on 4 legs

 Horse transport

In the recenct years many has changed about the transport of horses. For a few years big horse trucks and trailers was a common view on horse riding competitions. More often this trucks and trailers make place for the very compact horse truck. Only a small driver’s licence is required for these compact horse trucks.

If you buy a horse truck, your comfort but last not least, the comfort of your horses is a great value. Our air-suspension improves the comfort of the car. This is not only a great advantage for you as driver but also for your horse. The improved comfort in the car will more relax the horse.

Many manufacturers of hors trucks are able to build this compact truck to your personal wishes.

To be sure that you have the maximum of comfort for you and your horse. Decide for the air-suspension of VB-Airsuspension.

An other advantage is that with the kneeling function the load / unload platform is less steep as with vehicle without VB-Airsuspension. This kneeling function is available for the front and / ore the rear axle.


Mark* Rear-axle Front-axle Front- and Rear axle
1. VB-FullAir Coilspring  
2. VB-SemiAir    
3. Coilspring    

*( 1=  highly recommended , 3= least recommended )



Victor Benno