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A beautiful day at the Dakar Pre-Prologue

Placed on 14/11/2012

To the delight of the organisers, the Dakar Pre-Prologue in Valkenswaard enjoyed near perfect conditions this year. A fine autumn day and clear blue skies made the ideal backdrop for the 27,500 spectators who had gathered at the Eurocircuit to experience all the thrill of the races.

The Eurocircuit once again hosted a hard-fought contest as the drivers gave it their all to get into the top rankings.
The winners of the Dakar Pre-Prologue in the various rankings were:
-Gerard de Rooy in the truck rankings
-Jurgen van den Goorbergh in the car rankings
-Frans Verhoeven in the bike rankings
-Alex Brusselers in the quad rankings
The event was also a very enjoyable occasion for the team from VB-Airsuspension.
VB-Airsuspension shared a stand with the Dakar Press Team and Veth Carrosseriefabriek at the Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard.
With more than 500 invited guests, the stand was a great success for all concerned.
Snacks and drinks were served in the VIP tent where various Dakar-related items were on show, including photographs of Iginio Voorhorst (director/owner of VB-Airsuspension Group) competing at Le Dakar 2009. There was even an appearance by the Volkswagen Amarok (in VB-Airsuspension's familiar blue livery) that will act as the press vehicle for the Dakar Press Team at Le Dakar 2013.

The event also provided the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of VB-Airsuspension among the public.
A number of teams will drive with air suspension systems from VB-Airsuspension at Le Dakar 2013. As suspension is not a high-visibility vehicle component, VB-Airsuspension had to find creative ways to get noticed at Le Dakar.
The passion for Le Dakar is an enduring one for VB-Airsuspension and, as a result, the company decided to act as sponsors for the following rally teams this year: Mammoet Rallysport with driver Martin van den Brink, Rally Team Smink with driver Jos Smink, ItalTrans with driver Claudio Bellina and Racing for Holland with driver Jan Lammers. The VB-Airsuspension logo will appear on all these trucks.
So, keep an eye out for the Mammoet Rally Sport, Rally Team Smink, ItalTrans and Racing For Holland teams at Le Dakar 2013, as well as the VB-Airsuspension logo!

Here you can see the Websites of the Dakar Rally Teams and of the Dakar Press Team


Mammoet Rallysport
Racing For Holland

Victor Benno