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VB-Airsuspension goes Dakar 2013

Placed on 18/10/2012

The time has come again. Sunday 11 November, 2012 will be the date of the 9th RTL GP Dakar Pre-Prologue, run by Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard.

After successful events in previous years, Dakar drivers will soon be taking part in this public rally again. The Dakar is due to start in Lima, Peru, on 5 January 2013, and will finish two weeks later in Santiago de Chile.

As before, the participants will include teams representing Mammoet Rallysport, Rally Team Smink and ItalTrans.
What may not be common knowledge is that the air suspension systems on these vehicles have been fitted with VB-ASCU systems for the Dakar 2013 and that they have been mechanically adapted and enhanced by VB-Airsuspension.

This year VB-Airsuspension will be the official sponsor of all three truck teams. It means that VB-Airsuspension will again be involved in the Dakar, as its passion for this rally is unquenchable.

Just like the Dakar in 2009, when the owner and director of the company, Iginio Voorhorst, took part in person, as a "rookie", this is very much in the DNA of this company. At the time the rules did not allow the VB-RallyRacing Team to use air suspension on their Desert Warrior. Now, however, this is a genuine option for trucks. For further details on the Dakar 2009 and the VB-RallyRacing Team, please visit our website: www.vb-rallyracing.nl.

This year VB-Airsuspension will be present at the Dakar Pre-Prologue not only in the shape of the three competing trucks, but also at a joint stand, together with the Dakar Press Team and Veth Carrosseriefabriek on the Eurocircuit.

At the stand there will be a Mercedes-Benz Vito equipped with air suspension. VB-Airsuspension staff will be available on site so that we can provide you with the best possible advice. Whether you are looking for full air suspension for a commercial vehicle or more simple coil spring suspension, VB-Airsuspension always has a solution and can always provide you with suitable advice.

Our stand will also feature the new Volkswagen Amarok in the characteristic blue colour of VB-Airsuspension. It will be used by the Dakar Press Team, which will be at the Dakar for the 10th time. Live reports will be broadcast from this vehicle, featuring the achievements of the three racing trucks.
So on 11 November 2012 and from 5 to 20 January 2013 it'll be Dakar time, and you won't have to miss a thing.

The specially prepared Volkswagen Amarok will have full air suspension from VB-Airsuspension and will also be carrying the relevant VB-Airsuspension advertising.

Although VB-Airsuspension itself will not be taking part in the Dakar Pre-Prologue or in the Dakar 2013, we will nevertheless be fully visible on both occasions.

VB-Airsuspension – "making everyday smoother".
Would you like to find out more about air suspension? Why not come to the joint stand of the Dakar Press Team, VB-Airsuspension and Veth Carrosseriefabriek on 11 November, 2012 at the Dakar Pre-Prologue, or visit our website:


We look forward to seeing you at the Dakar Pre-Prologue in Valkenswaard on 11 November, 2012.


Victor Benno