VB Airsuspension

“Working safely with a fork-lift truck” course

Placed on 24/09/2012

In light of the importance that VB-Airsuspension places on safety and quality, a course on “Working safely with a fork-lift truck” is held every year by the OBD-Scholing Volwassenen training organisation.

For VB-Airsuspension, it is essential that the utmost safety is ensured in all operations and that products are handled carefully and efficiently. This is why it is so important that employees who work with a fork-lift truck are sufficiently aware of the issues involved.

“The company is growing steadily and has 3 reach trucks, a fork-lift truck for outdoors, several stackers as well as numerous pallet trucks, meaning it can get quite busy in the warehouse and assembly department. Proper training is therefore an important way of ensuring safety”, comments Erik Boelders, Manager Operations.

OBD-Scholing Volwassenen visited the company a few weeks ago to hold the “Working safely with a fork-lift truck” course.
We are proud to be able to inform you that all participants successfully passed the course.

“In this way, we are once again moving the company forward. With a pool of 13 trained fork-lift truck drivers, we can ensure accurate product handling and that only trained personnel operate this logistics machinery, even if staff are ill or on annual leave. VB-Airsuspension sets great store by this. We don’t want to have to worry about whether everything is running smoothly. Quite in line with our motto ‘Making everyday smoother’”, adds Iginio Voorhorst, Director of VB-Airsuspension.

Some photos of our Director (I.S. Voorhorst) presenting the certificates to the successful participants are shown below.




Victor Benno