VB Airsuspension

Certified again ISO 9001:2008

Placed on 14/03/2012

VB-Airsuspension receives again ISO 9001:2008 certification

VB-Airsuspension is from 29 February 2012 again certified for ISO 9001:2008. It was issued for design, engineering, development, validation, manufacturing, assembly and distribution of various automotive products, including (air) suspension systems, chassis-related components and controlled suspension systems; including the fitting and repair of these products and the provision of the relevant after sales services.

VB-Airsuspension has been working consistently on quality for years now, in a steady and efficient manner. With the ISO-certificate this is now officially acknowledged.

Of course VB-Airsuspension will structurally and continuously keep working on quality and proactively keep following developments in the market and in regulations.

Victor Benno