VB Airsuspension


Placed on 05/07/2022

If you are considering buying an (air) suspension system for your vehicle from one of our VB-Partners, our VB-Partner will need some specific information about factory codes. These factory codes indicate whether the vehicle requires an additional 'option' from the vehicle manufacturer before air suspension can be fitted; or the code may indicate that the vehicle has a particular option, which means that an additional part will need to be ordered through VBA in order to connect the (air) suspension system correctly.

To assist our VB-Partners with the ordering process and make it simpler, we produce bulletins with details of the factory codes. Factory codes from vehicle manufacturers are made up of abbreviations whose meaning is not necessarily obvious. The bulletin gives our VB-Partner the information they need so they know how to proceed in the ordering process.

For example, if the customer wants a VB-FullAir 4C kit for their vehicle, then the vehicle may need a specific option before the air suspension can be connected by our VB-Partner. The bulletin we provide will show the factory code for this option and describe the option in detail.

There may also be occasions when the vehicle has a specific option – indicated by this factory code and explained in the bulletin – which means it is not possible to fit the chosen kit due to the current configuration of the vehicle .

For further information please get in touch with one of our VB-Partners, who will be pleased to assist you partner overview.

Victor Benno