VB Airsuspension


Placed on 03/05/2022

Our subsidiary VB-Airsuspension France had already made several attempts to plan a visit to our head office in the Netherlands. The cancellation of the VB-FR Dealer Day in both 2020 and 2021 – due to the coronavirus measures in force at the time – only served to heighten anticipation of their long-awaited visit to our new Logistics Centre.

The Dealer Day, which VB-FR chose to hold in the Netherlands, finally went ahead at the end of March! It was a long journey for the employees from our subsidiary, but having been so long anticipated, it was absolutely worth the effort.

Only a few of our VB-Partners from France were able to visit our Dutch locations during the 25th anniversary celebrations - so, this was the perfect opportunity to show them the changes wrought by VB-Airsuspension’s steady growth over the past few years.

For most of our visitors – even for our subsidiary – the Dealer Day was a complete revelation. The visit to the Netherlands was one many of our VB-Partners – who are such a valued part of our VB-Partner network – had been looking forward to for some time. After attending the company presentation, our visitors had an extensive tour of our new Logistics Centre, led by Sander Dusseldorp (General Sales & Marketing Manager) and Patricia Leneman (Sales Support Team Leader). The visitors got to see 'live' how our products – the ones they actually install on vehicles – are manufactured.

The VB-FR team shared tips and tricks with the VB dealers while enjoying a lunch featuring typical Dutch specialities: “What are the 'best' practices, who is responsible for specific issues within VBA, what type of customers tend to be interested in VBA’s products and how do you reach these customers, how are orders processed, what's the best way to handle specific requests from customers and how do you address market demands?” A lot of questions then, and a lot of answers! All in all, some great conversations were had where everyone was able to acquire valuable (new) insights and information.

VB-Airsuspension France: “We are very grateful for your warm welcome and would like to thank everyone involved for helping to make it such a great day for us!”

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Victor Benno