VB Airsuspension


Placed on 07/12/2021

Would the suspension on your vehicle benefit from extra support/reinforcement? But, you're unsure whether you should opt for an additional leaf spring or an auxiliary air suspension system (such as VB-SemiAir, for example)?

Our semi air suspension has a number of advantages over fitting an additional leaf spring:

  • in most cases, there is no need to remove any U-bolts, so fitting an auxiliary air suspension system is easier;
  • with an auxiliary air suspension system, the spring force (support/reinforcement) can be controlled; with a leaf spring it is fixed;
  • with an additional leaf spring, the load should be the same most of a time; if loads vary significantly, the spring force may be too hard – making the vehicle uncomfortable and unsafe.

In addition to the above benefits, the purchase costs for the system and fitting are comparable, the difference being that, with an auxiliary air suspension system (such as VB-SemiAir), you are more flexible in terms of your load and you can drive comfortably and safely in all conditions. If you want to find out more about the benefits of semi air suspension, this article has some useful information and technical tips.

Victor Benno