VB Airsuspension


Placed on 03/11/2021

Last Wednesday – 27 October 2021 – the VB-Airsuspension Logistics Centre hosted no less than 100 members of VNO-NCW Achterhoek (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers). Members were welcomed from 7 p.m. by Gerald Molenveld (General Manager of VB-Airsuspension), Regional Manager Wilma Elbertsen and Chairman Koen Knufing of VNO-NCW.

Several presentations were planned for the evening, and we kicked off with a presentation from VNO-NCW. This was followed by a lively presentation from Sander Dusseldorp, General Sales & Marketing Manager, and Coen Dieker, Engineering Manager, at VB-Airsuspension, all about VB-Airsuspension: how the organisation came into being, what we do at VB-Airsuspension, and where the company stands today. Alma Buitenhuis (client partner of Franklin Covey Benelux) then spoke on the subject of culture and socially responsible innovation.

At the close of the presentations, the attendees moved on to a tour of our Logistics Centre. Termed a 'free' tour, guests had the opportunity to choose what they wanted to see depending on what was of particular interest to them. Various workstations and packing lines were in operation that evening so that the visitors got a full picture of what goes on in the Logistics Centre. Part of the tour took in our test track where visitors had the opportunity to experience what it's like travelling in a vehicle with air suspension, and to then compare the difference in a vehicle without air suspension.

From our side, VB-Airsuspension can look back on a very enjoyable and successful (open) evening with the members of VNO-NCW Achterhoek. We hope we were able to give everyone a good idea of what VB-Airsuspension does and our place in the world of suspension and air suspension systems.

Victor Benno