VB Airsuspension


Placed on 01/09/2021

Did you know there are three different remote controls available for motorhomes? The main differences are to do with the functions they offer. The remote control you get in your vehicle will depend on the type of kit you ordered. For example, our VB-FullAir 4C remote control allows you to operate more functions, while the functions are more limited with a VB-FullAir 2C remote control. 

Take a look at the differences below:

  • VB-FullAir 4C (full air suspension on the front and rear axle)
  • VB-FullAir 3C (full air suspension on the rear axle and semi air suspension on the front axle)
  • VB-FullAir 2C (full air suspension on the front or rear axle)


Up/down arrow: manual control to adjust the loading/unloading height.

Ferry: the rear is raised to the maximum level, for example to make the vehicle easy to drive onto a ferry.

Load space: the front axle is automatically raised and the rear is lowered to the maximum level to make it easy to load and unload the vehicle at the rear.

AutoLevel: this option includes a digital levelling function that can be used to set your vehicle level (as far as the spring travel permits) at the touch of a button.
Off Road: increase of around 30 mm for greater ground clearance on rough terrain.

Parking: lower the vehicle to virtually the maximum level to make it easier to get in and out. You can also use this function (depending on the original vehicle height) to reduce the ride height in order to enter a car park with a low roof or to drive under a gateway.

Water discharge: tilts the vehicle to the side with the water discharge to allow the wastewater tank and the toilet tank to be fully emptied.
Victor Benno