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Placed on 10/08/2021

VB-SemiAir vs. VB-LevelAir – what's the difference?
So, what's the difference between VB-SemiAir and VB-LevelAir? While both products come under the category 'semi air suspension', the difference between the two lies in their operation. VB-SemiAir is operated manually while VB-LevelAir is automatically adjusted by means of a levelling system.

VB-SemiAir basic system
The VB-SemiAir basic system is made up of two air springs, fasteners and two inflation valves. You pressurise the system yourself using an external air supply, such as a tyre inflator.

The VB-SemiAir basic system is a good option for vehicles that are always heavily laden, but also if the vehicle occasionally carries uneven loads. The pressure will then stay the same more or less all of the time.

VB-SemiAir comfort system
The VB-SemiAir comfort system consists of a VB-SemiAir basic system, including control panel with two pressure gauges, two high/low switches and a powerful heavy-duty compressor.

The high/low switch enables you to raise or lower the ride height of your vehicle so that you can inflate the air springs to the ideal pressure. The pressure gauges show the pressure (in bar) in the air springs.

The VB-SemiAir comfort system is a good option for vehicles that carry uneven loads. The control panel with high/low switch lets you easily adjust the VB-SemiAir comfort system to the right pressure.

VB-LevelAir is a VB-SemiAir basic system with automatic level control. With the VB-LevelAir system the height is adjusted automatically, as is the minimum and maximum pressure in the air springs, so that the vehicle is always at the right height and the air springs are always at the correct pressure.

The VB-LevelAir system has a high quality compressor box with air filter, air dryer, valve block, height sensor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU – Air Suspension Control Unit).

This system is also a good option for vehicles that carry uneven loads. The VB-LevelAir system ensures the vehicle is at the right height and that the system is at the right pressure whenever the load changes.

The automatic level control removes the need for the driver to do anything if the vehicle load changes. This is beneficial particularly if the vehicle has several different drivers.

Want to know more about the VB-SemiAir and VB-LevelAir systems? Take a look at the product leaflet here or contact your nearest VB-Partner.

Victor Benno