VB Airsuspension


Placed on 09/07/2021

One question we frequently get asked is: "What size air springs do you supply with your auxiliary air suspension systems (VB-SemiAir)?" The answer to this question is in fact very simple: we will always supply the biggest possible air spring in an auxiliary air suspension kit. In many cases, this would be 8 inch air springs, depending on the make and type of vehicle.

The reason we go for the biggest possible air spring is because it benefits safety, stability and comfort, as well as other aspects. A larger air spring requires less pressure to level the vehicle, for example. The reduced pressure also offers advantages, such as improving ride comfort and stability. For this reason, we will always choose to supply the biggest possible air spring, which means that most systems come with an 8-inch air spring.

Want to know more about our auxiliary air suspension systems? Take a look at the product leaflet here or contact one of our VB-Partners.

Victor Benno