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Placed on 26/05/2021

We are proud to announce that, as of 7 April 2021, the VB-Airsuspension Group has a new subsidiary, in the form of: VB-Airsuspension Italia s.r.l., with Marco Novelli as director.

Marco Novelli and VB-Airsuspension have been working together for some time now. This long-standing relationship of trust forms the basis for the next stage in this partnership. Marco Novelli is co-owner of family firm NOMEC s.r.l. based in Varese, which has its origins in the conversion and production of sales/promotional vehicles for markets, food trucks, mobile offices, etc. The complex build process often necessitates a change and/or improvement to the suspension system. In his search for a solution, Marco Novelli happened upon the products of VB-Airsuspension back in December 2010.

In 2013, the Italy region became part of Julién van Cleemput's portfolio, at which point he quickly set about testing out the market and identifying areas for improvement and development/expansion of the VB network in a country where there were few VB customers and a single VB dealer was active at the time. He attended trade shows and canvassed existing customers, and made contacts with potential new customers. Marco Novelli set himself apart by his passion and enthusiasm for VB-Airsuspension products.

VB-Airsuspension decided to appoint Marco Novelli as an importer for Italy in the summer of 2014. They visited customers together, and the network of VB-Partners in Italy expanded further. In order to distinguish the VB-Airsuspension importer role from NOMEC s.r.l., a decision was taken to create a new company specifically for the import and sale of VB-Airsuspension products, to be known as AGILE s.r.l.

With Italy’s biggest motorhome fair just round the corner, a stand was booked at the Salone del Camper in Parma at the last minute. There could be no better opportunity for the new company to really get off the ground. Always remembering the adage of: first crawl, then walk and only then run. This proved to be the perfect foundation and combination to move forwards with the partnership.

The VB network expanded further with new VB-Partners in 2015, resulting in a huge increase in the number of VB-Airsuspension products sold in Italy that year. VB-Airsuspension was represented by Marco Novelli (NOMEC s.r.l.) and Julién van Cleemput (Area Sales Manager CH, AT, IT, SI | VB-Airsuspension B.V.) at major trade fairs and in various target groups and markets. The customer portfolio, and with it the VB network, was slowly but surely increasing in size.

As well as VB-Partners, enthusiastic Premium VB-Partners were also added to the mix in Italy. Documentation and social media content was produced in Italian to better inform and generate enthusiasm for VB-Airsuspension products among customers and end customers.  

The first employees were taken on at AGILE s.r.l. in order to serve the market better and share the workload. The first steps and route to the next phase were taken in 2018: a fully-fledged subsidiary of VB-Airsuspension B.V. in Italy, with the aim of bringing VB-Airsuspension Italia s.r.l. into being.

This aim officially became reality as of 7 April 2021. VB-Airsuspension Italia s.r.l. currently has three Italian employees. Julién van Cleemput will continue to coach and support Marco Novelli and colleagues Michele Belcaro and Stefano Zancanaro from our head office in the Netherlands and route to ‘the next level in vehicle dynamics’ and the continued growth of VB-Airsuspension Italia s.r.l.

Best regards,
VB-Airsuspension B.V. Team

Victor Benno