VB Airsuspension


Placed on 15/04/2021

Is this a familiar experience? You're on your way to a customer or a job on a construction site with your commercial vehicle packed to the roof with all the materials you will need for the job - to the extent that it sags at the rear. VB-Airsuspension has the solution.

In addition to our full air suspension system (VB-FullAir), which automatically brings your vehicle to the correct ride-height at all times regardless of the load, we have two other solutions to remedy this problem:

Semi air suspension (VB-SemiAir)
An auxiliary air suspension system supports the existing suspension of the vehicle and enables the suspension to be adjusted within specific limits. Semi air suspension is often used on vehicles that (regularly) carry heavy loads or sometimes have variable loads. An air spring is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle. which raises the ride-height of the vehicle and generates greater spring travel. The semi air suspension therefore helps to increase the level of comfort and stability when driving.

Our auxiliary air suspension system, also known as VB-SemiAir, is supplied as a two-chamber system. This means that the air springs are not connected to each other. The use of a two-chamber system allows left and right to be adjusted separately, enabling the vehicle to be levelled even when it is loaded unevenly.

Find out more about our auxiliary air suspension system, available in three different versions, here.

Helper and reinforced springs
Helper and reinforced springs are suspension systems that support or reinforce the existing suspension system in order to correct a suspension problem. Helper springs are fitted on vehicles with leaf suspension. A helper spring or replacement spring is used on vehicles that already have coil spring suspension. These reinforced springs will largely ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride-height, which increases spring travel and thus improves stability and, to some extent, comfort levels.

VB-CoilSprings are a good option for vehicles that are always (heavily) laden and that have to carry variable loads every once in a while. This is because the reinforcement to the spring force is permanent and cannot be adjusted.

Find out more about helper and reinforced springs here.

By fitting one of the above products, the vehicle will stand perfectly level again (at the ride-height), making it easier to hitch a trailer, for example, and improving the driving characteristics, which in turn increases safety.

Want to know more about our products or interested in getting a quotation? Please contact one of our VB-Partners for further details, or a no-obligation quotation.

Victor Benno