VB Airsuspension


Placed on 26/03/2020

As an organisation, we want to make a good impression for our customers and target groups, and project an image that fits who we are. We want to set ourselves apart from other organisations with a clearly identifiable brand. Having a strong image in the form of a corporate identity is an important part of this.

With that thought in mind, the marketing department has updated the VB-Airsuspension corporate identity. The new corporate identify fits the company we have developed into and the aspirations we have. We are delighted and proud to be able to introduce our new visual identity to you today.

You can see what we've changed in the images below.

Are you a VB dealer or VB Partner?

The documents on our Suspension Portal have been updated and can be found at VB-Airsuspension > Marketing. Rules and guidelines apply when using the corporate style. For that reason, we have developed a Brand Book that can be used as a reference and a manual for employees, partners and other users. By creating a number of clear frameworks, the corporate identify can be applied correctly. The aim of the Brand Book is to define guidelines for all communications, both internal and external. You will also find the Brand Book on the Suspension Portal.

Victor Benno