VB Airsuspension


Placed on 26/03/2020

As a result of the growth we have experienced over recent years, we are also expanding physically – onto a new plot opposite our head office in Varsseveld. We are a couple of months further down the line since the construction of our new business premises started, and work is now in full swing.

The frame of the building, the first floor and all rooms have been built and it's now time for the roof, the insulation, the wall cladding and the air conditioning. All sewer services are also in place.

We expect to be able to move into the new premises in mid-2020. This new building will be used to assemble and store products and ship them to customers all over the world.

Some facts about the expansion:

  • Doubling of our company premises
  • Size of the new premises: 4,800 m2
  • Our own test track
  • The Operations, Logistics and Quality departments will be relocated to the new building.
  • The other departments will remain in the current building.

The images below give you a good idea of progress so far inside and outside the new building.

Victor Benno