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Placed on 29/03/2019

Most likely you have already made your holiday plans for this year and you will soon be taking your motorhome out of the garage. With great plans ahead, your home on wheels deserves the maintenance it requires: you check the status of the battery, you check the oil and the tyres, but the chassis of the motorhome is often overlooked. We are happy to tell you why the maintenance of the chassis is so important.

The weight of the motorhome superstructure means the suspension often has a great deal to contend with. In addition, everyone takes as much as possible with them on holiday and the motorhome is fully loaded until the technically maximum permitted weight is reached or perhaps even slightly exceeded.

Because the existing suspension of the vehicle can't handle this high weight, the vehicle drifts. “Drift” means there is not enough spring travel so that on compression the bump stop is reached.

We offer various solutions to this problem:

Helper and reinforced springs
Helper and reinforced springs (VB-CoilSpring) are suspension systems that support or increase the weight of the existing suspension in order to solve the suspension problem. The helper and reinforced springs are either fitted to the existing leaf suspension/coil spring suspension or replace the original coil spring suspension.

For motorhomes with an X250/X290 chassis (Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper), three different reinforced front springs are available along with helper springs for the rear axle.

The front springs ensure that more spring travel is created and that the vehicle no longer sags.

The helper springs on the rear axle are a good solution if the motorhome almost always has the same heavy load.

Semi air suspension
Semi air suspension (VB-SemiAir) is a suspension system that supports the existing suspension of the vehicle and can therefore solve the suspension problems. The auxiliary air suspension system is fitted between the original leaf suspension and the vehicle chassis.

We offer semi air suspension (VB-SemiAir) for most types of motorhomes. VB-SemiAir is available in three different versions:

  1. Basic system (air springs, fasteners, air tubes and 2 inflation valves)
  2. Comfort system (a VB-SemiAir basic system including compressor and control panel with pressure gauges and high/low switches)
  3. VB-LevelAir (a VB-SemiAir basic system with automatic level control)

The auxiliary air suspension system on the rear axle is a good solution for motorhomes with a varying load, for instance when occasionally carrying a scooter or bicycles.

Full air suspension
Full air suspension (VB-FullAir) is an automatic, adjustable solution for suspension problems, where the existing leaf or coil spring suspension is replaced by a full air suspension system.

Full air suspension (VB-FullAir) is available for most types of motorhomes and for some models there is even a system for the front and rear axle.

Full air suspension (VB-FullAir) is a suitable option for people who are looking for, among other things: constant ride-height, enhanced comfort, optimum driveability, increased stability and extensive control possibilities. For instance, it is now possible to level the vehicle at the push of a button.

Special components
Special components include our shock absorbers with VB-FSD technology. FSD stands for 'frequency selective damping'. The addition of a special valve allows the shock absorber to vary its own damping force. This directly results in more comfortable driving characteristics, improved stability, greater safety and less vibration and background noise, since unevenness in the road surface is not felt as distinctly in the vehicle.

For certain types of motorhomes, FSD shock absorbers are available for both the front and rear axles.

Are you interested in finding out which product is the best solution for your vehicle? Please contact one of our
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Victor Benno