VB Airsuspension

Air suspension travels the world

Placed on 29/02/2016

VB-Airsuspension products are increasingly finding their way beyond the borders of Europe. From our small beginnings in the Netherlands back in 1993, our market now extends to some of the far-flung corners of the world, with recent shipments to Australia, China and Chile.

In 2014 we took our first big step outside Europe with the foundation of VB-Airsuspension North America Corp., the VB-Airsuspension office in the United States. This office serves the United States, Canada and Mexico. The activities around the Dakar and visits to countries in South America (including Chile) have delivered new contacts, and VB-Airsuspension has also chalked up recent successes in Chile via VB-NA. Countries in South America are served from the North American office as they operate in similar time zones. We also look forward to the time when there will be a VB-Airsuspension South America.

The average Chilean has to drive many kilometres to get medical treatment, such as to see a doctor or visit a hospital. To help make these facilities more accessible for the local population, VB-partner “Conversiones San Jose”, based in Chile, is building special vehicles that can provide a mobile dentist or GP service. These vehicles do not usually carry patients, but they do carry a high load on the rear axle. VB-Airsuspension now offers a solution through the use of VB-SemiAir products that provide for greater stability and comfort, and reduce the off-centre level of vehicles. The photograph below shows the trained partners at “Conversiones San Jose”.

Left: Gertjan Meijer (Director VB-Airsuspension North America) and right Maarten Roelofs (Sales Engineer VB-Airsuspension) with owner Enrique Allué Nualart and his employees in the middle

From Chile onwards to Australia. VB-Airsuspension products are also gaining increasing representation in Australia too. For more than 8 years now, VB-Airsuspension has been working with partner Capital Special Vehicles, a family concern with Dutch roots. In December a full shipping container was dispatched “down under” for the very first time. VB importer Capital captured the arrival of the container and this new milestone on camera.

Arrival of the container at Capital Special Vehicles in Dandenong, Australia

To complete our “world news” we are delighted to announce that 58 VB-FullAir kits are about to make the long journey to China. The kits are destined for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5 series ambulances in Hong Kong. The ambulances in Hong Kong have had air suspension for many years now, but regrettably not VB air suspension. Around 2 years ago a team from VB-Airsuspension visited Mercedes-Benz dealer Zung-Fu as well as the ambulance service (see link) to persuade them of the benefits of swapping the system they have been using to date for Daimler AG approved air suspension from VB. They have been testing the VB-FullAir system for ease of use and reliability on the roads in and around Hong Kong for the past two years. The ambulance service was “extremely satisfied” with the result and Zung-Fu came back to us last year with the response that the ambulance service would like to go over to systems from VB-Airsuspension for all its vehicles. The first ambulances are currently being built by VB-partner and ambulance manufacturer B.A.U.S AT in Poland, from where they will make their way to Hong Kong in China.

Our air suspension systems are set to travel to many more countries: this journey of discovery is only just starting. 

Victor Benno