VB Airsuspension

Approval for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5-series

Placed on 24/12/2007

After the several approvals of various brand manufacturers we reveived in the course of 2007, we can now proudly announce, that we also received the long expected approval for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
 from DaimlerChrysler.

With such an approval, VB-Airsuspension is being acknowledged officially by the car manufacturer as supplier of air-suspension systems for a specific brand.
Since this approval is very important for inspection of the vehicle at the official authorities, the sales of the air-suspension kit for the 5-series Sprinter has explosively increased since the arrival of the approval. A good development!

We now are in the proud possession of the following makes of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter:
* Sprinter 3,5t
* Sprinter 3,88t
* Sprinter 4,6t (Supersingle)
* Sprinter 5,0t

Beside that we are awaiting approvals on the 4x4  Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.
For low (AL-KO) chassis based on MB Sprinters the expectation is that in term air-suspension will be available ex works.

Victor Benno