VB Airsuspension

Novelties and prize draw at TERTS 2007

Placed on 24/10/2007

At The European Road Transport Show (in short TERTS) 2007, VB-Airsuspension will present its latest innovations:
• We are proud to say that we have managed to get factory approvals for our air-suspension systems, while the ESP system works in harmony with our air-suspension and doesn’t have to be switched off, as with other suppliers. At this very moment VB-Airsuspension is the only supplier in Europe that can offer this on a wide variety of vehicles. 
• We will present our new VB-FullAir 4-Corner air-suspension which is now available for the Volkswagen T5. This front and rear-axle air-suspension is unique in this LCV market and increases the comfort, gives better drivability and gives more safety. The system has many functionalities like two memory functions, Car-Park, Off-Road, Sport-mode and Auto-Level.
• Also we will introduce and present the new VB-AOWS system. This Axle Overload Warning System does as it says. The driver will be informed that the vehicle is loaded up to its technical and legal limits. So fines and extra wear will be limited from now on. The VB-AOWS will increase the safety level on European Roads.
• As you know VB-Airsuspension is constantly improving their products by developing all kinds of products. Therefore we have also been asked to develop a solution for the “Superbus” project of former Dutch astronaut, Mr. Wubbo Ockels. VB-Airsuspension will equip Superbus with a comfortable air-suspension which will help to meet the target maximum speed of 250km/h!!
For more info see also www.superbus.tudelft.nl.

Prize draw
At the RAI, being held in Amsterdam from 26 October up until 03 November, a question at our stand will be shown. Fill in your answer to this question and win one of the prizes. Prizes will be drawn directly after the RAI show and winners will be informed a.s.a.p.
The first prize is a VB-NivoAir air-suspension system with a value of approximately €1800,- incl. VAT.

So come to the RAI and visit our stand in the Noordhal, Hall 5, stand number 05.004!

Victor Benno