VB Airsuspension

New Cataloque for auxiliary suspension

Placed on 24/05/2006

We are proud to inform you that we have brought together all documentation about our auxiliary suspensions (VB-SemiAir, VB-CoilAir and VB-SpecialParts) in a conveniently arranged and comprehensive catalogue.

You can quickly find whatever you need for:
- Auxiliary suspension for leaf-sprung vehicles
- Auxiliary suspension for coil-sprung vehicles (VB-CoilAir)
- Stabilizers (VB-SpecialParts)
- Reinforced shockabsorbers (VB-SpecialParts)
- Reinforced leafsprings (VB-SpecialParts)
- Compressors

The catalogue aims to give guidance in choosing the correct kit for your requirements. For each vehicle type, the catalogue explains clearly the things you need to consider, before placing an order. Via simple to read text, the advantages and disadvantages of each product are clearly explained. In brief, a unique catalogue of its kind, that we hope will help customers to realise how an improved suspension set-up can greatly improve the operation of their vehicle(s).

VB-Airsuspension has made sure that the information is available in 4 languages: Dutch, German, English and French.

For more information or for requesting a catalogue, please contact: info@vbairsuspension.com

Victor Benno