VB Airsuspension

VB-Airsuspension now also represented in North-America

Placed on 14/06/2013

From May 27 until May 31, VB-Airsuspension has installed 9 VB-FullAir 2C air suspension kits
in North-America for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Niagara Region EMS, the Ambulance region of Niagara, Province of Ontario, Canada, is now the first Ambulance region in Canada that uses
air suspension for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance. In total there are 37 ambulances in use within this region, the expectation is that all these vehicles will be equipped with the
VB-FullAir 2C  air suspension from VB-Airsuspension before the end of this year.

Since 2010, VB-Airsuspension is investigating the possibilities of introducing air suspension in
North-America. In the last months, the final tests has been completed in close relationship with
Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz USA. For North-America, the VB-FullAir 2C air suspension kit is now available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “4xx- 5xx” series. In North America, this model is known under the Sprinter "3500" series. The VB-FullAir 2C will be soon available for all the Sprinter models.

During the visit of VB-Airsuspension to Niagara Region EMS, we have converted 9 Ambulances in total. There is also a local service station being trained by VB-Airsuspension to provide service on the VB-Airsuspension advised way for the air suspension system. To ensure that all paramedics are familiar with the air suspension system, Niagara Region EMS has sent out a special newsletter to all its paramedics.


 After a couple of days, Niagara Region EMS received its first positive feedback:
"The main reason for us choosing for air suspension from VB-Airsuspension was the ability to lower the ambulance. However, after the first day we received already positive comments about the improved ride comfort, for both the driver and the patient! " Said Allen McKay, Associate Director of Niagara Region EMS.


From Left to Right: Bob Fretz (NR-EMS), Jeroen Heusinkveld (VB-Airsuspension), Matt Findlay (Performance MB),
Ralph Paolini (NR-EMS), Michael Coote (MB Canada), Kevin Smith (NR-EMS), Gertjan Meijer (VB-Airsuspension),
Allen McKay (NR-EMS), Nick Mizbrocky (Performance MB), Rick Ferron(NR-EMS), Rick van der Velden (VB-Airsuspension),
Mike Sanderson (NR-EMS)

VB-Airsuspension will be working with a local partner in North America and set up its own subsidiary on a short notice, to be able to serve the North-American as its best. The conversions initially will take place in Montreal, Ontario, Canada and in Ladson, South Carolina, USA.

VB-Airsuspension works closely with Mercedes-Benz’ local representatives based in Canada, USA and Mexico. This makes it possible for the USA to ship the vehicle towards the Mercedes-Benz dealer already equipped with air suspension using the "Ship Thru" method.

In the near future, various models will be introduced in the North-American market where
VB-Airsuspension has already products developed. Think about the new Dodge Ram ProMaster (based on the European Fiat Ducato model X250) and the new Ford Transit.





Victor Benno