Approval from MAN Truck & Bus SE for all our full air suspension systems on the MAN TGE


We are delighted and proud to announce that we recently received a 'UBB' from MAN Truck & Bus SE – an approval that applies to all our full air suspension systems on the rear axle of all MAN TGE models. But what exactly does an UBB (also known as a 'LONO') mean?

The 'Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung'
A 'UBB', or Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung also known as a LONO (Letter Of No Objection) is a 'statement of no objection'. These approvals from the vehicle manufacturer are granted to manufacturers who have developed a product for use in their vehicles. Before the manufacturer can be granted approval, the vehicle manufacturer will put the product through various tests intended to demonstrate that the product does not exhibit any adverse characteristics in terms of safety or comfort.

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30th anniversary

VB-Airsuspension will be celebrating its 30th anniversary on 1 April 2023. As many of you know, we like to share these special moments together.

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