VB Airsuspension

First international sales meeting for VB-Airsuspension in the USA

Gepostet am 03.12.2015

This week, VB-Airsuspension has for the first time in its history an international sales meeting in the USA.  The biggest part of the week will take place at the location of VB-Airsuspension in Elkhart, but also customers will be visited during the week and today they visited a trade fair. The picture below was taken during this visit to the RVIA show in Louisville. This picture gives us a great moment to introduce everybody:

Top row (from left to right) Igor Vlasyuk – VB-Airsuspension Rus,  Sander Dusseldorp - VB-Airsuspension B.V., Michael Brilman – VB-Airsuspension B.V., Gertjan Meijer – VB-Airsuspension USA, Oliver Drinkwater – VB-Airsuspension U.K., Wendy Angenent – VB-Airsuspension B.V., Martin Fabisch – VB-Airsuspension Deutschland, Kees Schuiling – VB-Airsuspension B.V.

bottom row ( from left to right )Dmitry Delomudrov – VB-Airsuspension Rus, Pascal Eudier – VB-Airsuspension France, Iginio Voorhorst, VB-Airsuspension B.V. , Julien van Cleemput –
VB-Airsuspension B.V., Gerald Molenveld – VB-Airsuspension B.V.

Victor Benno