VB Airsuspension

Semi air suspension

Semi air-suspension enables the driver to adjust the suspension himself ( to a certain degree). VB-Airsuspension has developed a concept to both leaf and coil sprung vehicles; VB-SemiAir: a bellow is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle to supplement the existing leaf spring; VB-CoilAir: a bellow is fitted inside the coil spring to supplement the existing coil spring. By varying the pressure in the bellows the driver is therefore able to adjust the ride height himself ( within limits.) Left and right can also be adjusted independently ( dual chamber system) making it possible to compensate a slightly uneven weight distribution and level the vehicle. Optionally a ( heavy duty) compressor can be supplied. This is the most suitable solution for vehicles that are usually heavily laden and for the driver who desires to be able to vary the ride heigt himself.

Victor Benno